2013 OWH Year in Pictures – Kent Sievers

The past year went by so fast, it’s a good thing I took pictures to remember all that happened.

Looking at my year’s body of work, I see assignments that spanned the emotional/visual spectrum. From the sadness of a life taken by Alzheimer’s disease to the joy of a hardworking couple winning the lottery, I was privileged to be present, cameras in hand, tasked with capturing and sharing with our readers.

I’ll have to admit, though, that as satisfying as the big stories are, I take just as much if not more pleasure in the hunt for decisive moments everyday life. Maybe I’m a street photographer at heart. Take this image of a young boy gazing into the sharp-toothed maw of a dinosaur skull. I saw the possibility for a wonderful moment and waited 30-40 minutes for the pieces to come together. After 36 years of making a living with a camera, the hunt for those fleeting, storytelling moments of perfection  still makes my heart race.

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Kent Sievers

About Kent Sievers

A working photojournalist since 1978, I joined the Omaha World-Herald in 2000. Before moving to Omaha in 1990, I was the photo editor for the Scottsdale Arizona Progress and a staff photographer at the Mesa Tribune and Arizona Republic newspapers. About a third of my career has been spent outside newspapers, twice building commercial/editorial photography businesses catering to local/national commercial clients and national/international magazines. I was born in Storm Lake Iowa, but raised in Phoenix Arizona. I'm married to the World-Herald's Money section editor, Deborah Shanahan. We have a daughter who graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and a son who is a Sophomore at Wayne State College.
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