En route to hoops history

Creighton’s starters pose at the Durham Museum. From left are Jahenns Manigat, Grant Gibbs, Austin Chatman, Gregory Echenique and Doug McDermott. ALYSSA SCHUKAR/THE WORLD-HERALD

Last week, I was tasked with creating portraits for our Creighton men’s basketball special section, which kicks off the NCAA tournament in Thursday’s paper.

Basketball faithful may recall last year’s photos involving the pep band, the Blue Crew and dozens of fans. Fun – but chaos!

We simplified a little this year, though 16 players and an equal number of World-Herald staffers still made for a busy hour at the Durham Museum.

Top row, from left: Joe Kelling, Ethan Wragge, Geoffrey Groselle, Andre Yates, Mogboluwaga Oginni, Taylor Stormberg, Jahenns Manigat and Josh Jones. Front row, from left: Will Artino, Nevin Johnson, Avery Dingman, Gregory Echenique, Doug McDermott, Austin Chatman, Grant Gibbs and Alex Olsen. ALYSSA SCHUKAR/THE WORLD-HERALD

Thanks to the players and the Durham staff, we were able to get some nice moments, including the following solo portrait of junior All-American Doug McDermott.


For the photo nerds out there, you can catch a glimpse of how the McDermott shot was made with thanks to staff photojournalist Brynn Anderson for her behind-the-scenes shots.



All my best to the Jays as they start tournament play in Philadelphia on Friday. Matt Miller will be courtside for the NCAA Tournament, so check back for more Bluejays coverage from us soon, including player interviews and video from the portrait session.

Front row, from left: Gregory Echenique, Doug McDermott, Austin Chatman, Grant Gibbs and Jahenns Manigat. Left back, clockwise from left: Ethan Wragge, Andre Yates, Geoffrey Groselle, Mogboluwaga Oginni, Avery Dingman and Will Artino. Right back, clockwise from left: Nevin Johnson, Joe Kelling, Taylor Stormberg, Josh Jones and Alex Olsen. ALYSSA SCHUKAR/THE WORLD-HERALD

And a special thanks to all of the World-Herald people who lent a helping hand, including Jeff Bundy, Ryan Soderlin, Brynn Anderson, Kyle Benecke, Dave Elsesser, Tim Parks, Jay St. Pierre, Nick Piastowski, Graham Archer and many more.


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