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Undated photo of the Metz Brewing Company. THE WORLD-HERALD

Undated photo of the Metz Brewing Company. THE WORLD-HERALD

Undated photo of the Metz Brewing Company

from Wikipedia
The Metz Brothers Brewing Company was among the first brewers in the U.S. state of Nebraska, having been established in the city of Omaha in 1859.[1] It was among the earliest manufacturers in the city. After originally opening as the McCumbe Brewery, the facility was sold several times until brothers Frederick and Philip Metz purchased it in 1861.[2] Metz was one of the “Big 4″ brewers located in Omaha, which also included the Krug, Willow Springs and Storz breweries.[3]

In 1880 the Metz Brewery was located at 1717 South 3rd Street, and was producing 12,400 barrels (1,970 m3) per year. Later the facility moved to 209 Hickory Street in the old Willow Springs Distilling Company facility. Considered to be modern for the time, the facilities sat on an entire city block. Early brewing equipment included three cooling vaults, two of which were twenty feet wide by seventy-five feet long, and one smaller, being twenty feet wide by thirty in length. The ice rooms immediately above were of the same dimensions. The mash tub and brewing kettle each had a capacity for holding one hundred barrels. Barns for the delivery horses were also located on site. The brewery was said to have “no equal in the country.”[2] The Metz brothers also ran the Metz Brothers Beer Hall, located on 510 South Tenth Street, where beer was supplied in barrels by horse-drawn cart from the main brewery.[4]
The Metz Brewery closed because of the Prohibition.
Trade Names for the brewery in 210 Hickory Street, Omaha, NE:
Joseph Guggenmos (3rd & Hickory Streets) 1896-1897
Nebraska Brewing Co. 1897-1898
Willow Springs Brewing Co., Inc. 1900-1917
Willow Springs Beverage Co. 1917-1923
Brewery operations shut down by Nebraska State Prohibition in 1917
Issued U-Permit No. NE-U-826 allowing the resumption of brewing operations 1933
Fontenelle Brewing Co., Inc. (Readdressed to 210 Hickory Street) 1933-1938
Metz Brewing Co. 1938-1950
Metz Brewing Co. 1950-1961
Metz Beer 1933 – 1938
Liverpool Ale 1934 – 1937
Hobin Hood Beer 1934 – 1938
Robin Hood Beer 1934 – 1938

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