Tales of tape and snow

Forget skiing. Sunday was the Third Annual Snow Box Derby at Mt. Crescent Ski Area. The contest seems simple: Teams of two to 10 make a sled out of cardboard, glue and tape, and then figure out how to ride it to the bottom of the hill.

Not everyone made it there in one piece.

More photos from the event.

In their crowded “TEAM NASA” sled, Jacob Reimer, 9; Ryder Fleischer, 6; Landon Barrett, 11; Jordyn Reimer, 7; and Dylan Reimer, 10, pick up some speed during the Snow Box Derby Sunday at Mt. Crescent Ski Area.

Abby O’Day, 4, left, Deanne Cumberledge, mom Suzanne O’Day and Kourtney O’Day, 7, take a fun ride after the competition. JAMES R. BURNETT/THE WORLD-HERALD


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