Ernie Chambers protests officer reinstatement

Former state Sen. Ernie Chambers protested the reinstatement of Omaha police officer Jackie Dolinsky¬†outside the Douglas County Courthouse on Friday morning, June 22, 2012. Chambers plans to launch a legal battle aimed at rescinding Dolinsky’s law enforcement certificate and launching a federal investigation of her role in last year’s controversial arrest of Robert Wagner.

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  1. Bonnie C. Fellman says:

    I fully support Ernest Chambers and only wish I had known he’d be at the Court House this morning. I would have been right beside him and brought as many friends who feel the same way. It’s unconscionable that this officer was given her job back after the whole country saw what she did to this young man in the videotape of his beating. He could have died from the blows from her boot as he lay helpless on the ground. SHAME! SHAME SHAME, and Omaha should not take this lying down, either. Where can I get a sign???

  2. The dude says:

    When will this guy stop wasting time and taxpayer money? He needs to realize that he has foolish ideas.

  3. Gary Johnson says:

    Bonnie: go back and watch the video. Give me the exact time stand when you see her boot make contact with his head. She never kicked his head. He was not lying there helpless, he was actively resisting arrest. Should she have kicked, that is up for debate, but the location of the kick can not be seen in the video. If she kicked him in the face over and over again like you claim then where are his marks in his arrest photo?

  4. Criminal Gangs are Bad says:

    Bonnie is deliberately ignorant of facts, so I won’t waste time responding to that. Be aware that this hatemonger wishes that ALL police officers be fired. He wishes to create a community in Omaha that is ruled by gangs and devoid of criminal accountability. Northern Omaha has finally started a turnaround AFTER he left office years ago. The police that work in that area have extreme hurdles (some put in place by Mr. Chambers) to try to keep the African American community safe from the criminal gangs. Way too many innocents are getting caught in the crossfire. Please go vote AGAINST this hatemonger in November or you will see the violence increase and accountability for the violence decrease. Demanding the firing of an officer for kicking someone that was actively trying to grab an officer’s gun is less force than the officer should have used. The gang member should thank the officers for using reasonable force rather than shooting him dead, which is what could have happened.