World-Herald Week in Pictures: March 12-18, 2012

Sandhill cranes stop along the Platte River as they migrate north and March Madness arrives in Omaha in the World-Herald Week in Pictures: March 12-18, 2012.


As dawn breaks, sandhill cranes preen and oil their feathers in the shallow Platte River near the Crane Trust. The Platte is an ideal migration stopping point because the water is shallow and the sandbars provide safe roosting. ALYSSA SCHUKAR/THE WORLD-HERALD


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Alyssa Schukar

About Alyssa Schukar

I have been a staff photojournalist at the Omaha World-Herald since September 2008. I'm from Lincoln and am a 2006 graduate of the College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Previously, I worked as an assistant at Malone and Co., a commercial photography studio in Omaha. My favorite pictures are those that give insight on the life of an individual or family because I understand the world better through the experiences of the people I meet. It's always humbling to be allowed such intimate access. My most challenging assignments come in many forms. Funerals, especially those of soldiers, always are emotionally draining, but I try to approach people with respect and dignity. In my time at the paper, I have covered a wide variety of assignments, including the Nebraska and Iowa National Guard's deployments in Afghanistan, Husker football at home and away, portraits of wigs big and small, rodeo queen competitions and intimate views of everyday life and love. Follow me on twitter @OWHalyssa.
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  1. Clayton Pche says:

    We are liooking to find how we canorder some copies of your newspaper. We were on a bus Tour of Nebraska a week ago to see the cranes at Rowe Sanctuary. We p[icked up a copy of your Saturday 3/17 paper and kept the Midlands section due to the excellent photos of the cranes. Is there any way we can get another copy or two of the Midlands section of that editin of your paper.
    Appreciate haring from you , Thank You for your time and effort
    Clayton Pyche
    1903 Pine St.

    White Bear Lake, MN 55110-4267

  2. Hi, Clayton.

    Thanks for writing. I hope you enjoyed your time in Nebraska!

    Your best bet will be to contact our store. Just call 402-444-1014 between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday through Friday.