“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” the late great war photographer Robert Capa once said. Capa was getting to the essence of visual journalism: Becoming intimate with your subject and taking the audience, whether it be traditional newspaper readers or now someone watching a video on a tablet, to places visually they can not go physically. And along the way, hopefully, stimulating the viewer mentally.

The visual staff of the Omaha World-Herald hopes to provide thought provoking, visually stimulating images every day in the World-Herald and now on our blog, the “Viewfinder.” This blog also provides an outlet to publish “out takes” from a photographers shoot. It is our goal to provide the gamut of emotions through our work and also explain the day to day situations photographers deal with. So sit back, enjoy the posts, share the links your friends and fell free to comment or ask questions about the posts.


Jeff Bundy
Director of Photography

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  1. Jace Anderson says:

    Fantastic! And what a lot of work. Thanks. Really enjoyed the Pelican shot by Mark Davis. I would really like to know how he managed to get this close without spooking them.

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