World-Herald Week in Pictures: Oct. 24th-30th, 2011

Farmers along the Missouri River salvage what crops they have left; high school football playoffs are in full swing; and Halloween costume-clad Nebraskans enjoy the holiday spirit in our World-Herald Week in Pictures: Oct. 24th-30th, 2011.

Corey McIntosh harvest what’s left of his uncle’s corn field on the Missouri River bottom west of Loveland, Iowa, Oct. 25 2011. His uncle, Lyle McIntosh, said the field was 80 acres big before the Missouri River flood cover the field for 2.5 months. Afterwards there was only 3.5 ares of standing corn left. The field produced 87 bushels/acres instead of a decent year’s average of 200 bushels/acres.

LINK: World-Herald Week in Pictures: Oct. 24th-30th, 2011

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Jeff Beiermann

About Jeff Beiermann

I'm from Clarkson, Neb., a small farming town 100 miles northwest of Omaha, where I started my first career at a OW-H as a paperboy. I'm a 1984 graduate of Midland Lutheran College, and my first job was as a staff photographer at the Fremont Tribune. I left the paper after five years to freelance for The Associated Press in Omaha, and on Jan. 1, 1994, I joined the Omaha World-Herald. I am married to Julie Anderson, a World-Herald reporter, and we have two boys. I love to take nature and scenic photos and, like most of the staff, anything that gets us out into the state. One of the most interesting facets of being a photojournalist is watching history unfold. It's also one of the most challenging aspects, as it's important to be an observer only and record what is happening, most times in split seconds. 
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