Nebraska 24, Michigan State 3

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NU’s Lance Thorell steps in front of MSU’s B.J. Cunningham and intercepts a pass at 12:01 left in the first quarter. MATT MILLER/THE WORLD-HERALD

Most people are envious that I get to be on the sidelines. They should be. For a football fan, it’s a perspective and closeness they can usually just dream about. For me, it’s a job. This part of the football season is a grind. Saturday was just a beautiful day with warm temps and the sports photographers favorite light- bright overcast. This means it is easy to see the player’s faces, and if you shoot into the sun, you get a soft rim light around them.

A couple of my favorite action images of the game were little moments.

I don’t know what Michigan State receiver B.J. Cunningham was upset about after Husker Lance Thorell stepped in front of him for this interception (bad pass? penalty?), but I thought the moment summed up the game. Nebraska seemed to be a step quicker, stronger, and more focused than the Spartans.

Another photo I liked was when Quincy Enunwa was flagged for a holding penalty, which brought back a long Taylor Martinez run. It’s a moment that is often not seen on television, and if it is, often doesn’t have a lasting impact. I think we can all relate to the sophomore receiver’s reaction.

NU receiver Quincy Enunwa reacts after referees called him for a holding penalty during a long run by Taylor Martinez with 1:38 left in the third quarter. MATT MILLER/THE WORLD-HERALD

LINK: Nebraska 24, Michigan State 3 action photos and Nebraska 24, Michigan State 3 fan features

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